Our Vision

Student Achievement

Standardized test scores in Virginia’s public, government-run schools cratered after the extended COVID-related closures. Now more than ever, these schools need to get back to basics. Too many administrators, regrettably, have allowed ideological fads to derail them.


Moms and dads have a right to know what happens inside the walls of their own kids’ schools. Too often, however, parents are left in the dark.

Similarly, taxpayers have a right to see exactly how their money is spent. Every school district should post its contracts and financial transactions online – in a prominent, user-friendly manner.

Parental Choice

All students deserve a high-quality education, in a safe learning environment, no matter their ZIP code or family income level. Ultimately, educational tax dollars should follow kids to schools their parents freely choose.

Educational freedom would empower families to choose schools that meet their kids’ individual needs. As parents know well, every child is unique – one size does not fit all.

In addition, educational pluralism would allow families to pick schools that align with their own deeply-held and cherished values – this could finally end the vitriol and resentment associated with today’s needlessly divisive, win-lose school board fights.   

Our Mission

Guided by our vision, EdReform Virginia will focus on various K-12 issues of concern, with an eye towards finding real solutions. Our first project, EdNews Virginia, will serve as a hub for education news and views from around the Commonwealth. As funds materialize, we intend to conduct high-quality, relevant studies that will inform Virginia’s education-related discourse.

Our Team

Executive Director

Nathan Brinkman

Born and raised in the Midwest, Nathan Brinkman graduated from Seton Hall University and went on to a sales career in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical industries. Meanwhile, the cause of human freedom remained his passion. Now based in Virginia, Nathan has worked in a variety of roles at freedom-focused, reform-minded organizations. As the father of two kids, Nathan understands the moral urgency of education reform.

Board of Trustees

Bob Bowdon

Founder & President, VidaFair
Director, The Cartel

Ginny Gentles

School Choice Advocate
Director, Education Freedom Center

Steven Mosley

College Administrator & Educator
Member, Project 21

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